Oxford Aviation begins new distributorship for Oshino Lamps

26th January 2018

An illuminating addition to the Oxford Aviation product range

Oxford Aviation is excited to announce the expansion of its product portfolio to include the the Oshino range of aftermarket lamps.

Oshino offers a wide range of aftermarket lamps used today by airlines worldwide. Oshino is widely accepted as a very high quality manufacturer of traditional lighting products and are found in the IPC’s for Embraer, Boeing, Airbus, Canadair as well as global military fleets of both fixed wing and rotary blade aircraft. Our continued expertise is a result of maintaining our own production facilities and staff. With few exceptions, our competition sources 100% of their products.

The Oshino line of aftermarket lamps includes miniature and sub-miniature indicator lamps, halogen reading and navigation lamps, interior fluorescent lamps and exterior halogen and sealed beam lamps. While lamps are generally consider industry standard parts, many of the Oshino branded lamps have been improved from the original OEM designs. Oshino is the only lamp manufacturer with verified third party testing data showing increased reliability against our major competitors sealed beam products.

Oshino remains a lamp manufacturer and we maintain a hands-on approach that cannot be matched by other lamp suppliers who have no reliable engineering resources and limited production controls over their parts. While company’s such as GE are divesting in this technology, Oshino is committed to maintaining a secure, reliable source of supply.

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