Oxford Aviation begins new distributorship for Conidia Bioscience

11th June 2013

10 minute test for Jet Fuel Fungus, no lab required!

Oxford Aviation is excited to announce the expansion of its product portfolio to include the FUELSTAT® range of tests by Conidia Bioscience.

Hormoconis resinae, more commonly known as the jet fuel fungus represents a significant safety and financial risk to aircraft operators. If allowed to grow unchecked the biomass produced by the fungus can lead to filter blockages in the fuel system. Also, it is by far the most common cause of microbial corrosion in aircraft fuel tanks which can lead to damage of the tank structure. Therefore, it is essential operators regularly test their fuel tanks for the presence of this fungus to ensure they do not fall foul to it and its potentially costly removal.

The easy to use, pregnancy style, 10 minute FUELSTAT tests by Conidia Bioscience provide a simple way for engineers to test for the presence of jet fuel fungus. By removing the need for samples to be sent away to labs for analysis time on the ground for the aircraft is significantly reduced. Additionally, the test does not require any specialist training and works straight out of the box.

FUELSTAT resinae and FUELSTAT resinae PLUS test kits can be used for all civil and military applications and is recommended by IATA, Airbus, Boeing, BAE Systems, Fokker Services B.V, Embraer, Raytheon Aircraft and many other OEM’S and MRO’s.

Oxford Aviation is looking forward to working with its customer base to make them fully aware of the issue of jet fuel fungus and providing them with a quick and easy method for its detection from Conidia Bioscience.

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